Thursday, 13 September 2007

Year Six Weekend Homework - 14th-16th September

There are three parts to your weekend homework:

1. Complete two 'advanced' brainstorms (as we tried out in class) based on the following titles:

The Magic Box
Write a story beginning with the sentence: "I always knew she couldn't be trusted"
The Birthday
Write a story ending with the line: "All's well that ends well."
The Other Side of the Bridge

Please brainstorm in your creative writing book. You may find it helpful to turn your book sideways, so you can spread across the width of the page.

Not sure about planning stories based on a sentence? Click here to learn how!

Feeling clever? Try to be distinctive. Click here to learn more.

2. Complete the Non-verbal pack. Remember, we're learning to take a methodical approach to non-verbal reasoning. You must remember to work systematically, going from left to right, eliminating the answers which you think are wrong. Don’t hesitate to use a pencil to make notes or cross out the options which are wrong. Drawing lines and arrows can help with matching meanings of words or finding the next in a sequence of symbols.

3. Redraft your timed writing story based on the comments I've made.
Feeling clever? Try to include at least one sentence using the listing comma.

Enjoy your weekend! Oh, and start nagging your parents to take you to see this:

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