Monday, 10 September 2007

Year 5 Recounts

Recounts are ‘true stories’. The purpose of a recount is to retell events, e.g.
 schooltrips
 events from history
 sporting events

A piece about 'what I did in my holidays' would be a recount.

Language features:
- Recounts are written in the past tense.
- They can be written in the first or the third person
1st person It is happening to the person writing the recount i.e. I went to the park.
3rd person. An observer is telling it. Tom went to the park, there he saw a pond.

- The connectives in a recount are often: Next, then, after that.
- Recounts focus on what an individual or a group of people were doing.

We're going to focus on writing recounts of sporting events.

Your homework: Play a board game/game of cards with someone at home for ten minutes. As you play, make notes about what you are both doing.

 Now create a timeline
 Then break it into paragraphs on your planning sheet

We'll begin to write up this plan in your Non-fiction lesson next week!

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