Sunday, 9 September 2007

Year Four Creative Writing - Brainstorming

This half-term we are going to focus on planning stories.

The best thing you can do over the course of the next few weeks is to read the ideas and planning sections at To start off, read the section on brainstorming by clicking here.

Watch these videos to revise the technique we learnt in class!

Part 2:

Now you have a go! Create a brainstorm for each of the following titles:

1. The Escape
2. The Holiday
3. Fire!

Remember to think about:
Why? (What is their problem?)

(Note: You may find it easier to turn your book sideways on and create a landscape brainstorm)


Anonymous said...

We couldn't get the second video to play more than a few seconds
Pardeep Sandhu (on behalf of Geena)

Anonymous said...

In the Help section on Brainstorming, the help section displayed Page Expired Sarah Maitland-Jones. Helena's mum